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Automatic section control of seeder


The quality of sowing is affected by its evenness. Various factors influence the evenness of sowing, for example, the quality of seeds, seeder speed, and settings. To monitor these factors, it is important to track deviations from the optimal configuration promptly.

The required equipment is relatively cheap, while the potential benefits are impressive! Just imagine the advantages of increasing the speed at 1-3 km/hour without loss in seeding quality, or timely detection of the seed tubes clogging.

The operation principle of the sowing control equipment:

An optical sensor is getting attached to the sowing channel, where it detects the passage of seeds. The speed is determined either through the speed sensor or by the GPS. The onboard terminal contains information on the seeder configuration: the number of rows, the width between the rows, and the total width of the implement.

Thus, the rate per hectare for each colter is calculated automatically and compared with the actual one. If the rate stays observed, colters are getting highlighted with green color. When deviating from the required rate, the columns change their size and color, notifying about duplicates or gaps.