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Automatic section control of sprayer


Overspending of chemical solutions can range from 6% to 25%, depending on the size and shape of the field, the number of obstacles, and so-called “wedges”. Such a situation is unacceptable considering the high cost of consumables. And if we count the damage from burnt areas on the overlaps and from weeds on the skip areas, then there can be no question of manual section control.

Previously, many farms could not use the system of automatic section control because of the high cost of such equipment, but now it can be installed at a fairly reasonable price.

Automatic section control of sprayer:

  • Connects directly to such working parts of the vehicle as flowmeter, pump, or valves;
  • Does not require additional intermediate modules unlike similar equipment;
  • Works on most of the existing sprayers.

The configuration settings of the sprayer are entered into the HEXAGON terminal: the dimensions, the distance between nozzles, calibrated spraying system, etc.

During operation, the terminal displays the status of each section: whether it’s on or off.