Determination of soil quality


Determining the quality of soils is a comparative assessment of soil quality by its main natural properties. Soil quality criteria significantly affect yields.

Grading of soils is carried out on a 100-point scale. The highest score is given to soils with the highest natural productivity.

Of course, just the physical and chemical properties of soils can not be a basis for the assessment of large areas. The climatic conditions affect yields in many ways, the level of productive forces is typical only within one cadastral district: humus and other nutrients activity is different for different neighborhoods even with the same type of soil.

To determine the indicators of arable land quality and calculate the points of partial rating points, three primary indicators are taken:

1) the humus content in the arable layer and by genetic horizons, %;

2) depth of humus horizons, cm;

3) the content of physical clay, %.