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Digital boundaries of the field


What are the electronic contours of the fields for:

  1. The exact number of fields and their area;
  2. Condition of the field at current stage: uncultivated areas (swamps, saucers, electric poles, natural greenery, and other obstacles);
  3. Allow to specify cadastral data of the field;
  4. Determination of the fact of the technological operation completion;
  5. Calculations of the exact amount of expenditures (seeds, fertilizer, fuel, working time);
  6. Creation of navigation routes for the machinery;
  7. Development of task maps (sowing, application of plant protection products, compaction, soil analysis, tillage);
  8. Export of electronic fields to other systems (GIS environment, monitoring, etc.).

There are several ways to create digital maps of the fields:

  1. Satellite maps. Shows an error of 10 meters or more;
  2. GPS. The disadvantage of using GPS devices (agrometers) is the error of 5 meters or more. Distance between recorded points is 50-100 meters;
  3. UAV. The major disadvantage is the necessity to purchase expensive UAVs. + the flight altitude depends on the accuracy of created boundaries, the training of an operator. Error from 10 centimeters to 5 meters.
  4. RTK receiver on the vehicle. 2.5-3 centimeters accuracy. The distance between the points is 11 meters.