FlyAgData: IoT solution for monitoring the quality of technological operations


FlyAgData is an innovative solution that helps to digitalize and visualize every operation on the farm.

The principle of operation

It uses special sensors installed on agricultural machinery to collect and transmit all the important data to the server in real-time. There it’s getting converted into a clear visualization and displayed on the user’s computer. Sitting in the office, you can monitor all the operations in the field with a time difference of just 30 seconds.

The operations you can control with FlyAgData:
1. Seeding
2. Spraying
3. Harvesting
4. Tillage
5. Fertillization

Why you need FlyAgData:
– you often deal with the poor performance of technological operations affecting your yields;
– errors of the machinery operators are getting too expensive for the business;
– inability to control every aspect;
– the climate nowadays dictates new conditions: the expenditures need to be minimized to keep the business profitable.