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OneSoil (humidity, temperature sensor)


The OneSoil is a set of sensors that measure the humidity and temperature of soil and air, as well as the luminance for a specific part of the field Monitor soil conditions, optimize your irrigation schedule and frequency, and determine the optimal time to apply fertilizers

The base contains sensors to measure soil moisture and temperature at two different depths. The top has a sensor for measuring the light level, as well as air humidity and temperature.

The device is powered by four AA batteries that last a whole season Several times a day, data is transferred to the OneSoil web app via a SIM card

The GSM sensor transmits the measurements to the OneSoil web platform.

OneSoil weather sensors allow:
– measuring soil and air temperature;
– to measure soil and air humidity;
– cloudy and sunny days detection;
– air pressure measurement;
– plan work in the field.

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