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Soil compaction monitoring


Soil structure scan via TopSoil Mapper

During operation, TopSoil measures the electromagnetic conductivity of the soil on different layers. The measurement results depend on the soil density, moisture, and salt content. Interpretation of results is conducted automatically by specialized software. As a result, we get a map of soil structure differences.

This information is necessary for the areas’ localization for further examination and decision-making.

Scan results:
are represented by the data on the soil structure at different depths (for each coil of the scanner);

– average value for differences in soil structure;
– indicators of moisture supply;
– the values on the depth at which soil compaction is observed;
– data on the optimal depth for loosening.

The algorithm of soil hardness (compaction) measuring.
– Soil sampling is carried out right after harvesting. The measurement shows the level of hardness (compaction) of the soil and the need to change the tillage method before the new season start.

– The stubble should not interfere with the sampling process.
– First, you’ll need to create a task for the machine operator, using the electronic boundaries of the field.
– The measurement plan is created according to the order via the GIS software. There are several options for task creation. The most common are the grid of 1, 3, 5, 10 hectares and zoning.
– The mapping scheme will provide a geographical reference for each measurement and help to create maps of hardness (compaction) after the reception of results.
– We do not recommend taking measurements in frozen and flooded fields, as there is a risk of getting rough results.