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Sprayer boom illumination


The experience of our customers shows that crop losses due to the clogging of sprayers make up from 2% to 7% (from $6 to $21 per hectare). In daylight, you can still control all the sprayers to work properly, but at night it becomes an issue even with modern lighting.

Application of plant protection agents at night has its advantages: lower air temperature and less wind. As a result, much less PPA is evaporated and blown away by the wind.

To be able to operate the sprayer at night, you’ll require an auto-steering system and LED illumination on the boom.

Illumination of each nozzle with LED allows the operator to monitor the sprayer operation. Each spray torch is illuminated with blue or white light. This makes it easy to see when one or more nozzles create an uneven flow or stop working completely. Besides the spray torches, LEDs are illuminating both ends of the boom. This allows seeing obstacles in the dark at a distance of up to 20 meters.