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Thematic (interpretive) maps creation


When the agrochemical analysis data is received, the results can be entered into the GIS environment and, through Kriging interpolation, converted into a map according to the corresponding element indicator. The interpretive map on agrochemistry allows determining the field zones by the soil parameters and to prepare an Rx-map (prescription map) for variable-rate fertilization.
As a result, we get structured data on:

  • the state of crops at all stages of their development;
  • field weeds;
  • the amount of plant biomass (с/ha) at all stages of crop development;
  • the biological yield of crops in each tested field;
  • the economic yield of crops;
  • soil types of test plots;
  • humus content in the soil;
  • the area of test plots.

This allows timely technological operations performance, boosts productivity, reduces expenditures, and keeps the environment safe.