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UAV monitoring


Monitoring the condition of crops is the primary way to receive information about their germination, + weeds, diseases, and other problems in the field. Monitoring allows timely detection of deviations in the plants’ growth and development, as well as facilitates causes identification and further management decision-making.
When surveying on foot it is difficult to see the broad picture of the field. And the lack of information is a potential loss.
Drones are faster tools giving more detailed data. With a drone flying at an altitude between 100 to 300 meters above the ground, you can get pictures with a resolution of centimeters per pixel. One of their key features is the ability to use spectral cameras and take photos in the near-infrared spectrum. NDVI values are calculated based on such images.
What opportunities can UAV give?
1. Early detection of sowing gaps with their subsequent elimination.
2. Probing of the field surface at all stages of crop development.
3. Orthophotomapping of the entire field at any stage of its development.
The order of UAV monitoring:
– find a place to create UAV maps;
– create a field on the general map using special software, for example, Drone Deploy;
– come to the field, choose a pre-created project, launch the drone;
– upload taken photos to the project;
– get a complete photo of the field.