Automated soil sampler


Main features:

Reduce time in the field at the end of the season with our robust soil sampling units. Auger-style probes provide a consistent sampling depth, maintained without lifting the mounted vehicle. A wide range of probes and augers are available for all your agriculture and environmental testing needs.

Amity soil samplers are the most economical automated soil samplers on the market.

The model 2450 truck-mounted hydraulic soil sampler is engineered to collect up to 25 samples automatically. The push-button controls, with a 10-foot cord, let you collect samples without having to get out of the truck cab.


– Automated collection of up to 25 samples;
– Easily adjusts to sampling position;
– Electric over hydraulic power unit;
– Push button remote control with cord;
– Adjustable height variations for pickup models;
– Stainless steel sampling parts;
– Optional air-blast tip cleaner and dual-zone collection system.