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Hexagon Ti5 guidance system

Touch screen shockproof glass
Screen size 5 inches
Screen features resolution 800x480, number of colors - 256,000
Operating temperature range from -20 to + 60 C
Protection rating IР67
Moisture resistance up to 95%
Supply voltage 12-40 V
Receiver 10 Hz, L1
Used technology Glide
EMMC memory capacity 2 Gb
Compatible with GPS/GLONASS
Navigation modes straight lines, azimuth, curves, adaptive curves, circles

Main features:

Hexagon Ti5 guidance system

Hexagon “Titanium5” (Ti5) is the flagship of the Swedish corporation Hexagon Agriculture. The system allows working with an accuracy of ± 15 cm on a free signal.

Even next to forest plantations, high-voltage lines, and ravines, the device shows stable work thanks to10 Hz GNSS-receiver, GPS, and GLONASS support. CAN connector allows modernization of this guidance system with auto steer, section control, variable rate fertilization, or seeding control and monitoring.

Save money and optimize technological processes with Ti5