Main features:

Nitro-Bars are the most cost-effective stream bars on the market to make in-season liquid nitrogen applications even and accurate. By doing so, the risk of nitrogen loss to volatility, burning crops, and over applying is reduced.

By adapting your sprayer with Nitro-Bars, you have the control of applying nitrogen at the optimum time for increased yields.

Advantages of Nitro-Bars:

  • The simple, effective design of the Nitro-Bar feeds each of the four ports independently, ensuring equal flow and a high standard of application accuracy.
  • Nitro-Bars produce a stream of liquid from each port, with no overlapping pattern.
  • This means that application accuracy is extremely high and remains unaffected by boom height or movement. Applications of nitrogen can therefore be carried throughout the growing season.
  • Fertilizer contact with the crop is minimized by the configuration of the Nitro-Bar and by the large droplets produced at the leaf surface. This enables the fertilizer to roll off the foliage quickly, virtually eliminating the risk of leaf burn.

Nitro-Bars fit the standard 20 inches (51 cm) nozzle spacing on sprayers. The Nitro-Bars can be fitted to your sprayer in minutes.