RTK network connection


Main features:

RTK network from Hexagon created for agriculture is the largest in Ukraine. Such networks bring the following benefits :

  • The opportunity to spend 3-15% less money on each hectare after achieving the maximum efficiency of field operations;
  • Better price than in case of expensive correction services. Savings from $ 300 per month.
  • Parallel guidance of the machinery in the field is more precise as held without human factor influence;
  • Readiness for the state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Selection sowing and harvesting;
  • No need for specialists in RTK equipment maintenance.

To make different equipment compatible with RTK signal without the need to change the settings when switching to another RTK base station, specialized software is required. It allows:

  • Constant access to statistics and RTK stations’ management via the Internet browser from any part of the planet
  • Common settings for different GNSS equipment, which significantly reduces the need for maintenance
  • Possibility to rebuild and scale the coverage area of the RTK network without changing the settings of the equipment.
  • Getting more accurate RTK corrections due to multiple RTK sources

We offer HEXAGON GEOSYSTEMS Leica GNSS Spider software, which has been used for deploying the largest RTK networks in the world for many years. It’s compatible with all existing international navigation standards.