Soil compaction testing


Main features:

Make sure the crops have space to grow with the Amity Technology soil compactor. Soil compaction blocks the access of vital nutrients to plant roots. The Amity Technology CTS-1000soil compactor efficiently and easily measures soil compaction so that you can determine an action plan for gaining optimal yields.

Combine soil compaction testing with sampling to get the most complete picture of soil composition.

Soil penetrometer CTS-1000

As agricultural machinery gets bigger and heavier, the soil compaction increases as well. The soil compaction can lead to crop losses of up to 30% or increased fuel consumption. That’s why we offer you a soil penetrometer CTS-1000 as a reliable way to determine the scale of the problem.

The perfect soil comprises water, air, parts of sand and clay, and organics. The weight of the machinery can force air out of the ground, causing compaction and changing the bulk density of the soil.
The roots of plants are sensitive to any changes that may force them to grow laterally. With this type of propagation, a smaller amount of soil is used to feed the plants, which results in reduced yields.

Amity Technology soil penetrometer is designed to measure both highly compacted soils and the layers’ density.

The system for testing the soil compaction levels by Amity Technology is an integrated solution that helps increase yields and reduce expenditures.