Soil moisture monitoring with AQUASPY


Main features:

The growth of any crop depends on water. Considering different soil types and terrain, the necessity to water certain areas is a constant challenge. Knowing how much water do crops need and when can it be applied is more of an art than just a science.

AquaSpy has a unique sensor system. With intelligent information technology, AquaSpy helps save water, reduce nitrogen leaching, maximize yields, and reduce pumping and fertilizer costs. This means an increase in your business profitability.

AquaSpy helps with the following issues:
– optimization of crop health;
– reduction of production costs;
– increase in productivity;
– increase in profitability.

– determination of soil moisture level;
– reduction of water consumption by 10%;
– improving root growth;
– identification of the active root zones for better crop management;
– reduction of pumping and fertilizer expenditures;
– increase in yield by 10-40%.

– monitoring of both water and nutrients conduction through a 48-inch profile;
– 12 sensors in each 48-inch probe scan humidity, electrical conductivity, and temperature;
– sensor show soil moisture levels;
– templates for irrigation give an idea of ​​the general need for irrigation;
– remote data monitoring via the web interface;
– easy to use and fully automated.